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"I don't think there is anyone who needs God's help and grace as much as I do. Sometimes I feel so helpless and weak." ~Mother Teresa

Connect with God and get a higher power! Why you ask? It's are gonna need one!

Parenting is a very challenging job. When you are parenting alone it is super hard. You are going to need back up and support, and God is the best there is! Instead of feeling like it is you, all by your lonesome against the world. It will be you and God against the world. It's like Joel Osteen says, "You, plus God, is a majority." Nothing can defeat that kind of power!

So how do you connect with God? God is infinite. He is the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end. He is the Universe and the Source of All Life. He has many names.

God, Source, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh, Universe, Creator, Jehovah...the list goes on. Choose the name that resonates with you. You need to be comfortable to successfully connect with God. Your comfort will allow you to relax and be open to the love, support, and peace that God wishes to provide to you.

Where to begin? If you don't already feel a strong connection to God, getting started can seem intimidating. You may feel a little anxious about taking those first steps. That is OK! The Bible, and other holy books are big books that can seem overwhelming. There is a lot of information in those books!

Even if you have had a relationship with God for a long time it is easy to feel as though you haven't really connected with God. I know I have certainly felt that way from time to time. As we can see from the opening quote on this page, Mother Teresa, a woman recognized around the world as a living saint, a walking expression of God's pure love, and mother to so many, sometimes doubted her faith.

This is why we "practice" our faith. To practice is repeat an action. No matter what we practice, a sport, a musical instrument, a dance step, we have the same experiences. There are days that we execute perfectly, and days we don't. Days we struggle to learn a new lesson, and days we just aren't on top of our game. Yet...we keep at it. We keep going because we recognize all these days are part of the process we go through to improve and become stronger in our skills. Connecting with God works the same way.

Take Action

Step one is to be gentle with yourself! God understands. He loves you and He is supporting you through each day and every experience. Humans are doers. Our first question is always What do I do? I have compiled some suggestions below for you, and will be making each suggestion a live link with more detailed information.

If you are a baby Christian, God will honor that.~Dodie Osteen

In other words, if you are not deep in your understanding of the benefits of spirituality in your life, no problem! Just jump right in and learn. Start with the idea that grabs your attention first. As your relationship with God deepens, not only will be able to add the other steps, you will want to add them!


1. Pray

2. Give Thanks

3. Serve Others

4. Live the Beatitudes

5. Forgive

6. Tithe

7. Seek Teachers

8. Slow Down

9. Be Open

10. Do All Things With Love

Begin slowly. As you implement each new idea, a little at a time, you will feel God's presence more and more. You will feel God, right there inside your heart. You will see God alive in your surroundings, and you will develop a knowing that He is guiding your steps. As you connect with God on deeper and deeper levels, your trust in Him will increase. As your trust in Him increases, you will feel His presence more and more. The cycle will repeat and you will connect with God at a higher level each time.

"Women are a precious gift from God to the world. They are creative, sensitive, compassionate, and talented."

~Joyce Meyer

We are here on purpose. Our lives did not happen by chance, God specifically created each and everyone of us, and He is here for each of us in exactly the way we need Him to be!

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