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We are thrilled to present our weekly free call Ask Sara Live!  For one hour each week Single Mom Mentor, Sara Sherman will answer all your burning single mom questions.  Can't make the call?  No worries!  Submit your question ahead of time and Sara will read and answer your question live on the call.  Everyone who signs up for the calls, will receive a recording of the call each week to listen (and re-listen) whenever you have a few spare minutes.  

Single moms are super busy people.  It is often difficult to find a community of other single moms who understand what it's like to:

Parent alone

Work with an Ex

Coordinate all those schedules

Find some "me" time

Make tough decisions all on your own

Why Ask Sara Live?

There's no need to feel alone, lost, frustrated, confused, or worried.  There are nearly 12 million single moms in the USA alone...and together we're raising over 26 million children.  Our challenge is learning effective ways to come together, and to stand strong as individuals, as mothers, and as a community.

As we look globally...those numbers only increase.  For the first time in history, the next generation will see nearly 50% or more of its leaders coming from single mom homes.  We are in positions of enormous influence.  It is incredibly important that we are effective parents. Using inter-parental support (like on this call), we will live strong in the present as we mold the future.

The stakes are high. You need fast answers to questions that have you stumped.  You need somewhere to go to quickly get unstuck and back on track.  You also need to understand that single parenting is a tough job.  We all struggle with the responsibility of raising children, earning enough money, managing schedules, keeping our kids safe, and bringing our kids up in a manner that results in smart, responsible, generous, loving, people who are well-prepared for adulthood. Make Ask Sara Live your go to place for the help, support, and direction you crave.

Call Details:

Calls will be Thursdays at 8pm EST starting May 1, 2014.  To receive the call-in information, the recordings, and the link to submit questions ahead of time, just drop your name and email in the boxes below and you're in!

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From time to time Sara will partner with other experts on topics important to single moms.  On Partner Days, callers will spend the hour with Hot Topic Experts who will go deep with the group in their specific areas.

Exclusive Ask Sara Live Facebook group just for callers!!  For those days when an hour just won't do you can spill over to our exclusive Facebook page and keep the conversation going!

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