Dating as a Single Mom!

To Love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." 
~Dr. David Viscott

As you can tell from the name of this website, dating is not my area of greatest success! At the same time, being single for a very long time has given me plenty of time to research the subject!

I know it is said that a woman has exactly the kind of love life she desires, but that seems to be only said by men, and I find this to be untrue.

Were it true, women would have exactly the kind of life in every aspect that we want to have. We would live exactly where we wanted, drive the cars we wanted, have great paying totally fulfilling jobs, our kids would be perfect angels who always turn in their homework, and men would be totally loving, attentive, and would always pick up their socks and put down the toilet seat.

While women don't have the power to control the Universe, we do have the ability to arm ourselves with information, date, and have a great time. So...let's get going!

Ways to find Mr. Right:

So you want to go out, but where to start and how to find your guy?

There are at least six ways to meet your lover:

1. Fix Ups

2. The Internet

3. Matchmaking

4. Hanging Out at Meeting Places

5. Co-Workers Relationships

6. Meeting By Chance

There are a few things to remember when dating...

  1. Dating takes time and energy, so be patient. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, and frog hunting is a slow process.
  2. If you decide you need a break, take it. This is not a race, and it is best to date when you are in the proper state of mind. If you are forcing yourself to do something you don't want to do, your partner will pick up on this and the date won't go well anyway.
  3. There are lots and lots of books out there if you want a little guidance. Love Smart by Dr. Phil, and Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady; Think Like a Man are two of my favorites. Just a cautionary note here. Only try to implement one or two tips from your books at a time. There is nothing worse than feeling you are doing nothing right when it comes to finding Mr. Right, and there are no magic formulas.
  4.  Decide up front whether you want a relationship, or if you just want a good time. Either are fine, but they don't mix well.
  5.  Starting a relationship with kids in tow is a whole new ballgame. Give a great deal of thought to how and when you will introduce your kids to your new man, and how you will handle displays of affection. Make these decisions before the issues arise and you will be well prepared when the moment arrives.

Most matter yourself! You are fabulous and you deserve the greatest guy there is. Don't ever forget it!

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