Meet Sara... One Kick-Ass Single Mom!

One evening in February 1992 I was watching President Bill Clinton call out a few women in his State of the Union speech who had used welfare benefits to get their lives going. These women had transitioned from public assistance to gainful employment and financial stability. My first response was to say, "Good for them!" And all of a sudden it hit me. “Hey! That’s my story!” 

I started my single mom journey as a pregnant college student. People kept asking me if I was going to stay in school. I thought that was the oddest question. I was making minimum wage, which was $3.35/hour and $2.01/hour plus tips at my  various jobs. What future could I possibly have if I left school? 


So I went. I worked hard and I studied hard. I was so grateful for my town's new free Medicaid prenatal clinic that I didn't even mind being announced as the first low income pregnant lady to use it. Ok... that's not true. I was embarrassed as hell to waddle in there, but I went. I was determined to have this baby and determined to stay in school, so off I went. I dealt with the stares, the whispers, the fact that my child's father was nowhere to be found, but I kept going. I had a child to raise, and I needed money to do it. My ticket to that money was an education.

It worked! I got that degree and built a career that moved me from a Medicaid user to a degreed professional and high ranking state staffer who set Medicaid policy. After that, I earned a corporate corner office.

I was a single mom nearly every step of the way.

Therefore, you can imagine my frustration when I was constantly bombarded in the media and by politicians with messages about how ineffective I was because she was a single mom. I heard how poorly my kids were going to turn out... that they were going to be fat, poor, promiscuous, and drop out of high school. At first I ignored it, and then I thought, "What the heck? I am not raising my children any differently than I was raised by my married parents."  I didn't know if I was normal, or if what the pundits were saying was normal, but I wanted to send a new message.

I wanted women to know that they could succeed as women, and that their children’s future was not dependent on their mother’s marital status.

But more than tell  them, I wanted to show  them how.

I launched Single Mom's Ask Sara to fulfill my mission of empowering single moms to create their kick-ass life, rule their world, achieve their goals, prepare their kids for adulthood, and transform their families into productive and effective goal-oriented teams.

I know you don't have time to mess around. You want and need programs that are easy to understand and fast to implement. Oh... and you want immediate results!

And when you work with Sara, that's exactly what you will do! Enter your name and email for the 3 steps you need to take to start building your kick-ass life right now!