Good kid - Bad kid

by Anonymous

My daughter is not a bad kid. She doesn't do any thing wrong because she doesn't do anything. She doesn't do drugs or drink or run around. She is 16 and could help me around the house, but she does nothing. She is home schooled through the computer so she does nothing basically all day long. I work two jobs to give her everything she needs and I think she should see me struggling and want to help me out a little bit. The most annoying thing is say she takes the wrapper off of something. She won't even through it away. If she is on the couch the wrapper stays on the couch. Or she just drops it on the floor. No matter where she is the wrapper will stay right there. What can I do?

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How to get your child moving
by: Ask Sara


God bless you!! It sounds like you love your child very much and have worked very hard to be a good provider. The good news have succeeded incredibly well! Your daughter wants for nothing, and needs to do nothing to have a very wonderful life.

The bad news have succeeded incredibly well! Your daughter wants for nothing, and needs to do nothing to have a very wonderful life. lol!

In order correct things, you will need to change your behavior. Your daughter, with a child's mind, does not really see the need to do anything for herself. All she has to do is wait for you.

Not knowing details here, I would advise these two steps:
1. Really evaluate if you need to work so much. Your daughter needs your interaction, supervision, and instruction. If you can cover the basics with one job, please consider this.

2. Scale back on the gives. Food, basic clothing, and shelter are necessary. Extras are earned. Set some criteria and expectations, and stick with those. You may have to look at that candy wrapper on the floor for a few days. You'll need to out wait her. You can do it!

Best of luck to both of you!


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