I don't have any friends or relatives to help me with my 6 months old son, where can I get help from?

by Philippa

I am just getting out of a relation and my baby father refuse to help me with our 6 months old son. I have no friends or family member with me but I clearly need help, is there any help available for me. Pls help

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Thank you Lord for today
by: Melissa

I understand. My mom and dad passed away last year. I'm 43 yrs old and have a 17 month old baby boy. I have a 21 Year old boy also. All my family is passed on except 3 uncles and one cousin. They live 1000 miles away. I'm doing well now its been hard but always remember. With GOD before us Who could be against us. I would be truly alone without my wonderful gift from GOD. I NOW LIVE TO DO THE BEST I CAN FOR MY BOYS. PLEASE KNOW NOW MATTER WHAT GOD IS IN CONTROL. I pray that u hand it over to the Lord. I know 1st hand it allows for happiness to come in. Prayer is a powerful thing lady. I know u will have relieve in ur life because I'm praying for u. God Bless you.

Help in Southwark
by: Ask Sara

Dear Philippa,

I am so sorry about your child's father! I want to assure you that things will be OK, and that you are very equipped to raise your child. At 6 months they are indeed a handful, and I know you are worried, but you can do this.

I found this website in Southwark:

The email is csc@southwark.gov.uk

They have several one stop shops in the area. Those are located here:

1. Tel: 020 7525 5000
122 , Peckham Hill Street, LONDON, SE15 5JR

2. 151 , Walworth Road, LONDON, SE17 1RY

3. Tel: 020 7525 5000
17 , Spa Road, LONDON, SE16 3QP

I also found something called Southwark Circle. Southwark Circle serves people who need in home help. I don't think they do what you are looking for, but they may be able to connect you. That phone number is: 0800 112 3441

Good luck! Remember...you are incredible!

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