Single mom moving closer to kids' dad for kids

by Trice

Hi. I moved away from my kids dad 5 years ago due to a breakup. At the time, my daughter was 1 and my son was 4. Now they are 6 and 10. They visit their father every summer and on school breaks. They're getting older and although I have a current boyfriend of 2 years, I honestly don't see much progression toward marriage. I'm considering moving 5 hours back to the state my kids' father lives so they can be closer, but I know it would result in a big argument with my mom, dad, and sister. My children really miss their father when they return from summer visits and I shouldn't have big problems finding a job as a nurse with relocating. What do I do?

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Doing what's best for the kids
by: Sara

Hey Trice!

Great question! I have to tell you, I am really proud of you for even thinking about being closer to your kids' father. I think it is a wonderful idea. By living closer to your children's father not only do they get to have their dad in their lives, but you get to spend some time with your kids over the summer and holidays. It has to be difficult for you doing those times.

When the other parent wants to be involved, that involvement allows your kids to have a more stable upbringing, and goes along way toward building solid self-esteem. Kudos to you for helping your kids in this way. Good luck to you!

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