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Sara Sherman has been single momming for over 20 years. In that time she has either seen it, done, or helped someone through. Here you find wisdom, updates, and tools to create your very best single mom life.

Single Mom Planning Session

You have a ton to do each and every day, but will doing it get you to your personal goals? Let's meet for a free Single Mom Planning Session and find out!

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Need advice and help! What do I do?

My oldest daughter doesn't like my youngest daughter's father because of what he put me through. I feel like I should give him a chance to be in her life

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More Single Mom Family Traditions

Here's some more family traditions to round out your single mom year.

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family traditions

Kids in single mom families need a sense of stability, routine, fun, and incredible memories. Use this great list of family traditions to get started!

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Do I Have a Daddy? How to Answer the Question

I'm a single mom of 2,5 yr old son. My ex-husband left us when my son was 2 months old. So he never knew about his daddy. How do I explain about daddy's

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How to Organize and Plan Meals

Hi Sara, can you repost how to organize and clean your home suggestions and how to plan meals. I remember a while back you had that listed on your site.

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Trust Your Babysitter?

Trust is pivotal when hiring a babysitter to care for your children. This list will help you cover your bases.

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Ask Sara Live

Ask Sara Live allows you to get answers to your single mom questions LIVE on a free call with Single Mom Mentor Sara Sherman.

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waitress, first child, 20, and scared

My name's Tori. I'm 20 living with my boyfriend and I'm waiting tables full time at a neat by restaurant. My boyfriend has a job as a restaurant manager,

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controlling a 16 yr old boy, that can be violent.

My son is addicted to the computer, does not mind any rules, including cleaning after himself, and can be violent. What do I do?

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Teen Pregnancy

Is it weird that I want to get pregnant at 15?

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Protect Your Kids from Predators

“I can’t wait to move out of this neighborhood to one where there are no pedophiles!” If you think there is a "safe neighborhood," you are wrong.

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Best and the worse time of my life.

I am 21 and I have a 1 yr old son. When I was 4 months pregnant my husband who is 24 left me. We moved States away from home to start new and get on the

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Is it OK to have a personal life when raising a teen? If so, how do I balance that when my kids get mad if I give time to anyone else..

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Pregnant. & single

Hey Sara I just found out I'm pregnant but I'm single. I don't know what to do. I'm so stressed out and sad I don't know if I should keep it Please I

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Feeling judged by my friends when dating

I am having a hard time discussing my dating triumphs and woes with my mostly married friends. I feel like a lot of them judge me pretty harshly. I have

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16 yr old daughter dating 25 yr old boy

How do I get through to my daughter that dating a boy that much older than her at her age is not a good thing. I just cannot seem to get through to her.

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How to keep the house

I can't keep up on the housework around here and I feel like it's all caving in on me! I've always been housework challenged. I don't focus on one task

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17 year old son heard me in bed with my boyfriend

I am 52 years old. My 17 year old son and I have a close relationship. I am 5 years divorced and I have barley been with any new guys since. I brought

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Ex husband's new girlfriend

I don't want the girl my ex is dating around my daughter. I learned some things about her: 1. He was apparently dating her sister she decided even though

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Live the Beatitudes

Single moms need to connect with God,and choosing to live the Beatitudes is a wonderful way for you and your kids to make that connection.

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Sara's Store

Single Mom Mentor Sara Sherman breakthrough tools will empower, inspire, and support you to take control of your life, family, and future!

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son with anger

Well I have a 7 year old son. That has anger or no self control. I'm a single mother and he is the only child. He gets into trouble everyday at school

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Work Struggles/Considering Foster Care

My daughter is 18 months old. Her father has never acknowledged her, especially since we weren't in a relationship when she was conceived. I don't receive

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Mysterious Journey

Hello Sara, I am 35 years old separated from three years ago but not legally yet unfortunately we didn't have a child considering that we were together

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Thank you so much. I feel much less alone now. Thank you! Sometimes I forget that it is okay to be happy after being miserable for so many years. You are amazing & an inspiration!

Your website is amazing. I am going to make some time for this. I will learn tons from what you have on here. AWESOME!

I just finished reading 3 of your sections, particularly your story about raising a teen and connecting with God and became very inspired!! I needed to know that as a single mom I'm not alone...