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Moving Teenage Daughter

Hi Sara, I am a single mom of a 15yr old girl and an 11 yr old boy. I have been dating a man for 5 years. We are buying a hobby farm a little over an

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Teens and Cell Phones

Sara, These days it seems more convenient for teens to have cell phones and it costs about the same as having a house phone. When a teen needs a ride,

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HEALING- putting pieces back together

Hi Sara, I am a single mother of a 24 y.o. daughter and a 9 y.o. son. I have a 2.5 year old grandson. In 2012, I (FINALLY) completed school with a Doctorate

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Take the Buzzed Driving Pledge

Talking to your teens about alcohol use is extremely important, being a safe driving role model is equally important. Take the pledge together.

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recently single mother to 3 and 5 year olds.

Hey I'm recently a single mother with a 3 year old and a 5 year old. Me and their dad are still friends and I'm not completely alone. He has the kids once

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how to handle a dating 16 years od boy

Happy New Year's Sara, Now Sara, I have been a single mother indeed for 16 years now, & my boy has started dating a 15/14 years old gal, on 22/12 he asked

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My 5yr old son's sudden misbehavior at home and now at school

Hello, My name is Vanessa I have a 5 yr old son we've been living with my parents being as I'm a single parent and my late mother was ill and needed taking

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how to raise a 9 year old daughter?

I am a single mum. How do I raise my 9 year old daughter? I have tried 2 different relationships and it isn't working on my side. I know am hurting her

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18 year old son

My 18 year old son only finished matric. He will go out with his friends.. comes home when he likes.. sleeps over at friends when he wants to and comes

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Ten Year old Anger

I left my husband when my two boys were 5 and ten months. Now they are ten and five. We've always had a friendly, fun relationship, despite the fact they

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