5 Reasons Single Moms Should Go Back to School

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Sure. A new degree increases your earning power. But you wonder... should a single mom go back to school?

I remember when I thought about going back to school. My first thought was... what are you? Nuts?

I had a pretty good job, but without my Master’s degree, I was stuck at my current level. With kids entering those expensive teen years, my little family needed more money.

I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.
~ J.D. Rockefeller

J.D. Rockefeller built Rockefeller Center (think 30 Rock) and Standard Oil on the backs of over 103,400 workers and became one of the richest people in the history of the United States.

It’s pretty easy to see why J.D. wanted workers. He needed people who were dependent on him for their livelihood, people who had no other options, people who accepted the status quo, people who could not replace their incomes.

I hope it’s just as easy to see why you need to be a thinker...

Knowledge is Power

As a single mom, you feel enormous pressure to keep increasing your income. Yet, without sufficient education, you not only feel stuck, you can actually BE stuck.

5 Reasons Single Moms Should Go Back to School

1. Increase Your Options

With each degree you increase your career options. You not only increase the number of options on the career ladder, but you increase the variety of positions you can choose to pursue. You are no longer “trapped.”

2. You Increase Your Earning Power

Being prepared when opportunities arise is key. As the letters behind your name increase, so do the dollars in your paycheck. You are well-positioned for promotions and better able to garner bonuses. No more hoping your boss is kind enough to throw you a tiny annual raise. You can demand more.

3. You Can Replace Your Income

Downsizing happens. Businesses close. Jobs suck. If, for any reason you walk out the front door with your possessions in a box, you are already prepared to pick up you next gig. You are not dependent on your current employer for your livelihood. No status quo for you.

4. You Are a Thinker!

As you continue your education you expand your awareness of the world around you. You are better able to create a fulfilling life, teach your children, and contribute to the world in ways not possible without an education.

5. You Are a Role Model for Your Children

Your children follow your example far more often than they follow your directions. You are teaching your kids how to manage their time, achieve goals, and keep going when things get tough. You are showing them that an education is possible, and that the benefits are worth the struggle.

So why should single moms go back to school?

As your family’s sole breadwinner you need to maximize your earning power, be continuously employable, and serve as an incredible role model for your kids.

You are a super star! Now go get paid like one!

Call to Action

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