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Hey! I know you are a kick ass single mom on the go! So to make it easier for you to get your fix of implementable, inspirational, and intuitive know-how I am now on the airways.

Listen anywhere, anytime, to learn to identify your priorities execute your plans, and create the kick ass powerful life you want for yourself and your kids. Give my show a listen...and share it with your friends!

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Kickass Single Momming Episode 10, Stop trying to be mom and dad and do THIS instead
Kickass Single Momming, Managing your family's Pace, Sara Sherman
Kickass Single Momming, How to use possible reward to motivate your kids
Kickass Single Momming, Why you should become a Predictable Parent, Sara Sherman
Kickass Single Momming, parenting better through music, Sara Sherman
Kickass single momming, sara sherman, create a smooth family flow with Patterns
Kickass Single Momming, The Magical Constructive Feedback Formula, Sara Sherman
Kickass Single Momming, Can you be both mom and dad, Sara Sherman
Sara Sherman, Kickass Single Momming, Practice the 7 Ps of Positive Parenting
Episode 3 Praise - Kickass Single Momming