The Power of Patterns

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Is there sufficient order in your home? 

Does life run smoothly, with a predictable flow?

Can your family easily adjust to life’s little bumps and the get back on track?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you likely need more patterns, or structure, in your home.

Patterns are P number 5 in our 7 Ps of Positive Parenting: Seven Super Simple Strategies to Clear the Confusion and Crush the Chaos When Communicating with Your Kids.

Patterns are an often overlooked element of parenting. And when we don’t parent purposefully, family habits tend to pop up that aren’t helpful, and don’t move us toward our priorities.

Effective patterns go an enormous way in keeping your house running smoothly, and they help your children to be as independent as possible. When your kids are taking care of as much as they can on their own there is less for you to worry about.

Chores get done around the house faster, and you and your kids have a lot more time to relax and enjoy each other.

What you'll learn about Patterns...

What ARE patterns and why do they matter?

Why we recognize the importance of and value of patterns in every aspect of life, but aren’t always diligent about using them at the most important time…when raising our kids.

What an effective pattern looks like and how to create your own.

✔ Where to place patterns for maximum impact.

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