Be a Predicable Parent

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Do you demand that your boss be predictable, but fail to provide the same courtesy to your kids?

If so, you may be causing undo stress, worry, and frustration for your little lovelies. Become more predictable and give your kids some peace of mind! 

It is waaaaayyyy...too easy to be an unpredictable parent. After are super busy, your plate is overfull, and you have a ton on your mind. 

Problem is, when you are not predictable, you put your kids in a rough spot, and they aren't quite sure if they are coming or going, or which version of their mom is going to show up at any given time.

What you'll learn about  Predictable Parenting:

 Why you need to become a more predictable parent. (After one likes an unpredictable boss.)

✔ The negative impact of unpredictability on your kids (It's actually pretty harmful...)

✔ How to become more predictable...a ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure here. 

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