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We all recognize that practice makes perfect…or at least better.

We all recognize that top performers have practiced their craft over and over and it is because of this constant practicing that these folks ARE at the top of their game.

Parenting is no different.

But sadly, we don’t think of parenting that way.

We have yoga practices, meditation practices, exercise practices, and we practice our hobbies. Our kids…well…we talk about raising them…but truth be told, we are typically reacting to them.

Or…we’re reacting to life and trying to squeeze our kids around to fit them into life.

It doesn’t make much sense does it?

Not really.

OK, Sara. I get it. I need to practice.

But what exactly am I practicing?

Great question!

Start your parenting practice with the 7 Ps of Positive Parenting. 

The 7 Ps are straightforward and implementable strategies that lay the framework for a highly successful parenting practice. (Grab the free guide below.)

In this episode on Practice, you'll:

Learn how to pull all of the 7 Ps of Positive Parenting together to create your own positive parenting practice

✔ Affirm your commitment to become an effective parent

✔ Create practice methods that allow you to become efficient in your parenting practice…’cause you still do have other stuff that needs to be done

✔ Understand the devastating consequences of not developing a priority driven parent practice, and the relief of knowing you don’t have to face those consequences.

Show Notes: 

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