How to Pace Your Ps

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Pace is P number 7 (Woot! Woot! We’re at the end!) in our 7 Ps of Positive Parenting: Seven Super Simple Strategies to Clear the Confusion and Crush the Chaos When Communicating with Your Kids.

Pace wraps up all the other Ps with a big red bow.

Pace is one of those things that we don’t tend to plan for, but we can certainly feel it when our family’s pace is off.

While being “off” typically means that the pace is too fast, your family's pace can also be too slow. Both too fast and too slow have their consequences on your children’s ability to be successful, and your family’s cohesiveness. 

Implementing the 7 Ps will likely bring change to your family. Positive change, but change nonetheless. 

And unfortunately, change is the last thing the human brain likes to encounter. 

In this episode on Pace we'll discuss:

Why change is so frickin’ hard.

✔ What you can learn from corporate change challenges, and how to avoid the same pitfalls in your family. 

✔ The signs and symptoms of change weary parents…and change weary children.

✔ The 4 steps to monitor challenges with change and pace.

✔ My super simple fix to get your family back on track. 

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