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Innovative Ways Kick Ass Single Moms Parent with Music

Kids love music!

As kick ass single moms we are always on the hunt for innovative ways to parent well and raise happy kids who are well-prepared for adult life. The simple act of adding music to a child’s life increases brain neurons, confidence, focus, socialization, and more!

I got to chat with Vincent James, parent, musician, TED talker, and Founder of Kids Music Day and Keep Music Alive, about not only the incredible benefits music offers our children, but how easy it really is to squeeze those benefits into your busy kick ass single mom life so you too can parent with music.

So what are the benefits of parenting with music? Listen to find out:

 What happens in your child's brain when they learn to play music

✔ Effective and low cost ways to introduce your kids to playing music

✔ The negative side effect of too much focus on STEM, and why kids who are strong in STEM studies are often naturals at creating music

✔ Which famous musician is also an astrophysicist 

✔ The famous faces behind Keep Music Alive, Kids Music Day and Teach Music Week

 How I used music to trick my kids into liking downtime

 And most importantly...super fun ways to use music to connect with your children and strengthen that immensely important parent/child bond

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