Why You Should Use "Possible" Reward

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What the heck do I mean when I say, Possible Reward?

Don’t we want to reward our kids every time they do what we ask? 

This is a very common misconception, and in reality, the practice of constant reward actually causes more problems than it helps.

Some people are on the other end of spectrum. They have the philosophy that their children are to behave because they have been asked to do so.

This approach doesn’t work so well either. 

So what’s the answer?

In this discussion on Possible Reward you'll learn:

Exactly what I mean when I say “possible reward”.

✔ The most powerful reinforcement (reward) schedule there is…and you already know it well.

✔ Several different ways you can successfully incorporate the power of possible reward.

✔ Why providing your children with constant rewards will fail to deliver the results you want to see, and will turn your kids into little monsters.

✔ Once you get the hang of it, implementing possible reward is a lot of fun for you, and if you allow your kids to help device the reward structure, it can be a lot of fun for them too. And best of all…it works!

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