A Beginner's Guide to Green Parenting

I used to think being eco-friendly was just another stressor to add to my plate. I have to focus on driving the kids around and making dinner; how could I also have the time to be sustainable? That was until a few weeks ago, when one of my friends shared this beginner's guide to green parenting with me. It turns out that the process is easier than I once thought.

Get Rid of Bottled Water

There are so many   reasons you should never drink bottled water again  . For starters, plastic bottles are incredibly bad for the environment. These materials end up flooding our oceans and sitting in landfills since they take so long to decompose. And you can also save some cash by not buying bottled water. Be like me and invest in a water filter system instead.


I know what it's like to lug the kiddos around in a minivan. It's efficient and great for carpooling with their friends. Still, there are harmful consequences to driving a vehicle. Here are some greener alternatives:

  • Walk around instead of driving to eliminate the gases your vehicle emits.
  • Ride a bicycle to burn some calories and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Utilize public transportation.

Buy Organic

Another step in the beginner's guide to green parenting is to buy organic. Traditional cotton farmers are responsible for 10 percent of the world's pesticides. They also use an insane amount of water to refresh the same spot of soil instead of replanting in a different area. For these reasons, you should buy organic clothing for your kids.

Whether we like it or not, our kids learn from our example. That means we all have to try and live greener if we want to instill the right lessons in our children. The more committed we are to our sustainable mission, the more committed our kids will be.