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Feeling like you have no time to prepare healthy meals? Me too! How would you like Fifteen Fast Meals to help keep you all healthy, balanced and the on the go?

Doing the Dinner Dash?

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I often struggled to get a healthy meal on the table during those nights we had to run from activity to activity. I call these Dinner Dash nights, and I used to dread them.

These nights just feel there aren't enough minutes for a great meal given the activities of the evening. I don't want to run through the drive thru, I didn't want to feed my kids empty calories, I didn't want to spend my money unnecessarily, and I wanted everyone to sit down at the dinner table.

Dinnertime is an important opportunity to connect with your kids, catch up on the activities of the day, and discuss the rest of the evening. You don't want to miss out on this precious time!

So what do you do?

I needed fast meals!

Sara, I love it!! Thanks so much! I love the ideas!~Rosie

Our schedules are always moving and evolving. At one time my son was  working two jobs, one daughter had play practice, drum lessons, color guard, and scouts; while the other daughter had scouts, band, and tennis.

Oh...did I mention I was also in the play, and had picked up some additional work? Sound familiar? Just thinking about it is enough to create panic.


Instead of dreading Dinner Dashes, I made them my challenge. Just how creative could I get? How fast could I get, and how healthy could I get, without serving the same thing over and over, or spending a lot of money?

Wa-la! Turns out I could get pretty creative!! Because I know you have the same challenges, I want to share the super fast meal recipes I use so you can also feed your family a variety of healthy, affordable, fast meals.

I want to send you Fifteen Fast Meal recipes--For Free. (Actually you get more than 15...but whose counting?)

How do these dishes sound?

Mexi-Chicken...Pork in a Pita...Fettucine (yeah, it's fast)...

Everything is tasty. After all, there is no need to settle just because you are in a hurry!

What could be easier? Sign up below so I know where to send your copy. I promise to keep your email private. It will not be shared with anyone, ever.

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15 meals

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