21 year old with a 1 1/2 year old amazing son and possibly pregnant with another child...need advice to jumpstart the great life I know I am capable of providing for us!

by Alexandra
(Morgan City, LA, United States)

My name is Alex and I'm 21 years old with an amazing 1 1/2 year old son. The father has never been in our lives. I haven't talked to him since I was 8 months pregnant and he has been ducking being found for child support. I have not seen a penny! I am fine with this. I love my son and really don't want him to have to be around someone who doesn't want anything to do with us.

I am recently unemployed wanting to go to cosmetology school ( a huge dream of mine that I know I will love and be extremely successful with) I have applied for the FASFA already. Before my most current obstetrical appointment. I was already living by God-given breaks with money and groceries. I'm not asking for pity at all. I want the greatest most successful life possible with help for the kick start.

I just found out I may be a month pregnant with a guy I am very good friends with but am not dating. I'm scared out of my mind to tell him and my family but I want to make it and be happy and make the best on my own.

I would love advice on what independent and strong women think I should do to start this new and amazing part of my life. I know it will be very difficult but I can do it with help from programs. I've even been thinking of picking up from this small black hole town and moving to another state with a new start to this adventure with better opportunities.

Please help! I'm scared but optimistic and ready!

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