5 Reasons Why Getting To Know Your Neighbors Is Beneficial

5 Reasons Why Getting To Know Your Neighbors Is Beneficial

Creating a relationship with your neighbors is more important than you may realize. Adding a few neighbors to your inner circle brings with it many advantages that will improve your life. Check out these five reasons why getting to know your neighbors is beneficial.

Increased Security

As a busy single mom, I’m on the go a lot. That means that if I’m out of the house, there usually isn’t anyone holding down the fort. If it’s the same for you, striking up a relationship with your neighbors can mean you’ll have a few extra sets of eyes on your home when you aren’t there.

Enhancing Your Social Life

We all know being a single mom is a hectic lifestyle, but taking time for social gatherings is a necessary part of a healthy life. Expanding your social circle with your local community is a great way to build meaningful friendships and create a more connected neighborhood. You and your children may even end up making lifelong friends in your area.

A Greater Sense of Belonging

Building neighborly relationships can help you and your children feel more comfortable in your home. Not only will your home hold special meaning to your family, but so will your town and neighborhood when you invest more emotional connections into your surroundings.

These five reasons why building relationships with your neighbors is beneficial are proof that reaching out and saying hello to your neighbors can change your life for the better.

Additional Support

Getting to know others in your neighborhood is a great way to gain extra parenting support. Here are a few examples:

  • You may find a few responsible teenagers willing to babysit while you attend an after-hours company event.
  • You can orchestrate a neighborhood carpool to get the kids to school. You’ll have some extra time on the days you don’t have to drive, and you’ll reap the financial and environmental benefits of carpooling.
  • Neighborhood friendships can lead to more playdates for your kids and more free time to unwind or do some extra work with peace and quiet.

Shared Resources

You’re in the middle of cooking dinner and homework time when you realize you don’t have enough garlic for your recipe—what do you do? The rest of the meal is already underway, and you don’t want to impede on your child’s homework time to take a trip to the store. Ask your next-door neighbor! By building a close relationship with your neighbors, your families can share resources when you’re in a pinch.