How to Give Effective Praise

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Do you praise your kids enough?

Do you praise them too much?

How do you tell them they did a good job…but there is improvement yet to make…without negating the praise you just gave and crushing their little spirits?!

Today’s podcast is all about the Praise P! That is P number 3 in our 7 P’s of Positive Parenting! 7 super simple strategies to clear the confusion and crush the chaos when communicating with your kids.

Here’s what you’ll learn about Praise:

What exactly IS praise? For this profound information I went straight to the dictionary! And much to my amazement, some of those synonyms were pretty funny, and probably older than dirt.

What is the #1 thing people want from their jobs, and it’s what your kids want from you too.

How to tell if you are not praising your kids enough. Yes, there are clear signs if you know how to read them. 

How to manage that tricky spot when you want to praise your child, but you still need to address a shortcoming or something that they need to do better moving forward…all without crushing their little spirits. Well guess what?! I have a formula just for that! 

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