Abusive Mom

Ok here it is.. First my mom never hits me, I want to be clear on that. Me and my bother got into a fight at McDonald's and we threw ketchup on each other. I'm older, I'm 15 he is 13. I got some ketchup on some woman's clothes and my mom had to reimburse her for the damage. My mom freaked out on me told me I was a immature baby and my brother to in front of people in McDonald's. Leaving McDonald's she told us that she should get us some pacifiers and some pampers and a playpen. People were looking at me like she was right. She took away my x-box my ipod and cell and I cant go out on weekends now. On the car ride home she is yelling at us telling us when she goes to WalMart she should buy us a crib and stuff telling me we made her look like a bad mother she's being a total ***** to me.

Can I turn her into CPS for abuse saying those things to me? Isn't it slander or something saying lies about someone. saying I need pampers and making me look bad in public? For the record he started it, my brother not me. It's not fair shes doing this. She took away my games ipod my cell phone and I can't go out now because of that *****. now she wont let me take drivers ed. she say I'm too immature to drive. Can't cps make her a better mom or just tell her to chill out.

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Wow, you sound like an immature baby
by: Anonymous

who needs pampers and a pacifier.

I definitely think you should call CPS. I had a similar situation with my daughter except I actually ripped the cell phone from her hands and smashed it. She called CPS for my "attack" on her hand and cell phone. Truthfully, I'd felt a little guilty, until the CPS investigator said she sounded like a brat and I was totally reasonable. Now the threat is mine, "Why don't you call CPS to come rescue you from the suburbs dear?"

Time to say you are sorry
by: Ask Sara

I appreciate that you chose to write to me. I know you are frustrated by having your items taken and driver's ed postponed. I'm afraid that CPS won't find your mom's punishment to be excessive, and while her words were a bit harsh, they don't break any child abuse laws. You seem like a pretty with it young lady, so I am going to give you a challenge. I would like you to try to see the situation from your mom's point of view.

Your mom was probably tired. She had some errands to run and thought she'd just stop into McDonald's, get a quick meal, and get her errands taken care of quickly. She is having her meal with her teenage children and enjoying a little down time, when all of a sudden her nearly grown children start throwing food at each other! She had to be completely horrified! To top it off she had the humiliation of paying for someone's clothing, with money she probably had earmarked for something else.

She must be feeling as bad as you are. In order to get through this you are going to have to show her you really are the mature young woman she thought you were. You will need to apologize, and you will need to find ways to show her you are responsible. Mistakes happen, but I am certain you can fix things with your mom.

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