Am I Really an Abusive Mom?

by Kate

Hi Sara.
I'm a mother of a five year old kid. I love him so much but he really gets on my nerves most of the time. He does things that irritate not just me, but the people around him, particularly his granny. When he's doing things that might lead to hurting himself, I definitely shout and curse at him, and eventually hurt him, and it does not matter if someone is around.

I am writing to you because I had this wake up call yesterday. He is asthmatic. And his pediatrician prescribed him an inhaler for maintenance. But he is just afraid of the thing. He doesn't like doing things in general, including getting a haircut! But I'm thankful he's smart in school though.

So each time, I have to force the inhaler into his mouth, and it would take us forever to achieve this, because he just wouldn't open his mouth. I had to win, so I scare him with things that would hopefully make him "obey" me, only to my disappointment.

It came to a point where he would be shaking with fear, but I won't stop because in my mind, he had to use the freakin' inhaler so he won't get sick again. I admit, there were times that I physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt him, but when I finally had the chance to shove the inhaler into his mouth,something white flew away, and his mouth started to bleed. He lost two of his teeth in an instant.

I don't know why I'm like this to my son,Sara. Sometimes. I see myself as a psycho-mom, someone who doesn't deserve to be with an innocent kid. I've shown him a lot of love an affection, but when I start losing patience, everything gets messed up. Please also advise me why I had to fight everyone who doesn't treat him well, including kids....

Really needing help here...

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Get some assistance
by: Anonymous

It's obvious you don't like your own behavior.
It also sounds like you maybe have some anxiety or depression issues, they can mask themselves as anger and short temper. I say that because it happens to me. Have you considered talking to your doctor about some help? Possibly talking to a therapist (helps TREMENDOUSLY), and even some antidepressants or anxiety meds? (Zoloft works wonders for me because it works for both anxiety & depression.) Both the therapy & medication have worked wonders for me and my patience with my kids. You don't have to struggle and hate yourself. You can fix it and improve the situation. As a matter of fact you are the only one who can change you for the better. I hope you find something that helps you to find some peace, for your son and for yourself. *hugs*

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