Best Instruments for Your Kids to Learn

As moms, we all want our children to live successful, well-balanced lives. We do our best to expose them to new ideas and encourage them to try new things, whether it’s art, a club, or a new sport. One activity that is filled with benefits is taking up and instrument. But with so many different instruments out there, it can be difficult for both you and your child to choose one to start. These are some of the best instruments for your kids to learn as first-time musicians.


Piano is one of the most popular instruments for young musicians, and for good reason. Compared to many other instruments, like woodwind and brass instruments, it isn’t hard to make a piano make sound good as a beginner, and kids most likely won’t have to learn how to tune them. Pianos are also great for kids who are interested in learning to play other instruments in the future, since the skills you use for piano can be used for every other instrument as well.


The guitar tends to be one of the more appealing instruments for kids, especially ones who want to become like their favorite rock, country, and pop stars. Guitars are great because of their genre versatility and for being easier to pick up than string instruments that use a bow. Guitars are an especially good choice for kids who also love singing because they will have the ability to accompany themselves with relative ease.


Ukuleles have many of the same benefits as guitars, with the added benefit of being perfect for little hands. Ukuleles are also more beginner-friendly, tend to run cheaper, and can tend to be a little less overwhelming than guitars to pick up. Beyond this, kids will love the fun, sunny, island sound.


Violins are perhaps the most ambitious choice on this list, especially for younger kids. This is not to discourage kids from taking up the violin. Because of the extra skills that need to be developed in order to make good, pure sound, violin students tend to become more disciplined and patient over time and often have better posture.

There is ultimately no wrong choice when it comes to choosing the best instruments for your kids. Whether your kid is learning on their own or attending in person or online music lessons, learning instruments isn’t necessarily about becoming the greatest pianist or guitarist, but about experiencing something new, developing patience, expressing themselves, and finding an activity that they will love.