The Single Mom's Guide to Inspiration

Quote-a-Day Flip Calendar

I just LOVE inspirational quotes. Realizing someone else understands your challenges, your deep thoughts, your fears, your concerns, and your frustrations is a  connecting experience. Through quotes we are reminded that we are not alone, and we are reminded of the universality of the human experience. 

I also love those wonderful quote-a-day tear-off calendars, but I hated wasting the torn off pages, or finding a place to keep the pages I wanted to save.  And you have to get your new calendar at the very beginning of the year...or you end up wasting a whole bunch of pages. 


I came up with a new way! I compiled a full year's worth of inspirational quotes into a beautiful spiral bound package. The spiral binding means:

1. You can start this special calendar at ANY time during the year.

2. You NEVER have to rip off the page. You can enjoy these quotes year-in and year-out.

3. Your favorite quotes are ALWAYS handy, and right where you can find them. 


Click here to order your Inspirational Calendar.

Take a peek inside:

Click here to order your Inspirational Calendar.

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