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I'm a 24 year old single mother to a beautiful 4 year old girl. For about a year I have been so clucky and really want to have another child so my 4 year old has someone to grow up with.

I haven't spoken about this to anyone because I feel crazy wanting this. I've tried to just ignore it but now my daughter has started asking me to have another baby so she can be a big sister. She asks so many questions about babies and keeps asking when I'm gonna "get" the baby. Then when I told her it's not gonna be for a while she got really sad and it broke my heart.

What do I do about this situation?

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Getting the Baby Itch
by: Sara

Hi there!

It is pretty normal for that biological clock to start ringing again a few years after you give birth. Having a second child as a single mom is of course, a big decision. I think there are a few things to ask yourself:

1. Can I afford another child?
2. Can I manage another child alone?
3. Where will this child come from?
4. How will I explain to this child where his or her father is?
5. If I enter into a relationship with someone who wants more children, would I have more?
6. How long am I willing to wait to have another child?

Give some thought to those questions, and your answers, and go from there.

Good luck!

My best,

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