Create Cooperative Kids...and start 2017 off right!

Would you like to stop feeling at your wits end with your kids?

Would you like to spend positive time with your kids instead of arguing and fighting?

Would you like your kids to do what you ask them to do??

Would you like to do all of this IN THE FIRST MONTH OF 2017??


Single Moms Ask Sara Sherman Create Cooperative Kids

I hear from single moms all the time who are struggling to get their kids to cooperate. These moms tell me their kids:

Don’t listen. 

Argue and whine.

Talk back.

Don’t help around the house.

Constantly expect mom to buy them things.


It is very frustrating when our kids behave in this wayespecially for single moms. Seriously, you are already juggling everything by yourself…work, bills, laundry, meals, activities, and…you are raising those little bundles of joy…

You CANNOT take another year of this!

Let’s face it. Two people who love each other and are working together struggle under the weight of this crushing responsibility. 

It’s challenging enough to mold your kids’ behavior when you are well-rested and on your game. When you’re not, your only strategy is to react.

You may...yell, threaten, demand, beg, bribe, nag, or explain.

As you likely know, none of these strategies work over the long haul, if they even work in the moment. In addition, they can really damage your relationship with your child.

What you need are permanent strategies that DO work.

Strategies that become so intuitive to you, that you can easily adjust to the curveballs your kids throw at you as they maneuver to get what they want. (And they will…)

Single Moms Ask Sara Sherman Create Cooperative Kids

How would you like to...

Look forward to coming home because you know that your kids are going to execute the evening routine...without you saying a word.

Ask your kids to do something for you once. Just once. And know it will get done.

Stop playing referee, and simply enjoy watching your kids interact.

End the begging, arguing, smart mouthing, and back-talking...FOREVER!

Feel confident in your disciplining abilities and trust your instincts.

Give me 31 days. Just 31 days. 

In 25 days I will teach you:

How to decipher why your kids are behaving the way they are. (Even when they can't tell you).

What you are doing that contributes to the problem. (

How to set clear expectations, and stick to your guns. (No caving, no way!)

The one thing you should never, ever (ever) say to your kids.

How to find the courage and stamina to effectively be the family leader.

Here's what you get:

  • A 31 day syllabus so you can proactively plan your time.
  • One bite-sized video lesson (or audio if you prefer) each day in my online training center.  You can access the materials any time you want. (I know you are busy...I give you a smidgin' each day so you can easily fit the lessons into your life, and you have time to absorb the information.) 
  • Guided exercises to help you work through the lesson to cement your knowledge and understanding. 
  • This program is personalized. Instead of learning generic behavior support techniques, we will work with the specific challenge your child exhibits that drives you nuts. By the time you finish the program, this challenge will be resolved AND you will understand how to apply the techniques to ANY behavioral challenge your kids throw your way.  
  • Membership in the Create Cooperative Kids Facebook group where you can vent your frustrations and share your successes with other single moms learning the same material.  I will be on hand to answer questions as they arise.
  • A weekly recorded call with me. I will answer every question you have, and if you can't be on the call, just post your question in the Facebook group. I will be sure to provide the answer.

Ready to start?  Fabulous!

This course starts January 2, 2017 and wraps up on February 1...just in time to give yourself and your family the best 2017 ever...filled with peace, calm, cooperation, and love.

And here's my Christmas gift to you!  The program is typically $197....but just this month I am offering it you for just $147. 

Sara Sherman's money back guarantee

No Risk! If you do the work and you don't see results...I will provide a full refund.

Sara Sherman Single Moms Ask Sara

Sara has been has single momming for over 20 years. She has also been implementing behavior support techniques for over 20 years.  Sara studied with recognized experts in the fields of behavior psychology and psychiatry.

Sara understands first hand the challenges of managing our kids behavior as a single parent. She knows it is easy to feel overwhelmed and at a loss when trying decide the "right next step" to take. Sara walks her clients through exactly how to confidently determine those next steps in each situation, and move from a chaotic and stressful home, to a loving and peaceful one.