Crying Baby!

HELP! My 2 month old baby won’t stop crying! I have had so little sleep I am beginning to hallucinate! Everyone says it will pass...but when!?!

Sara says: Man, do I know how you feel!!! My first child was like that. He screamed incessantly. There were days I truly wanted to throw him out the window!

Here are some suggestions:

Breathe. I know that makes no sense, but the baby can feel your anxiety and responds to it. If you can relax yourself, there is a good chance that the baby will follow suit. If not, at least you are breathing and I am guessing you weren’t doing much of that before.

Make sure you have covered the obvious: Is the baby dry, fed, is anything pinched? Swaddle. Swaddling is to wrap the baby tightly in a blanket...just like you did with your dolls. It works wonders. My son liked to be swaddled, but had to have his hands out. Try both ways. How are the bowel movements? If you think that might be a problem, try Dark Karo in warm water in the bottle. It doesn’t take much Karo, and they like it. My kids couldn’t do formula with iron and I had to switch to something iron-free. My doc wasn’t thrilled, but their iron levels remained sufficient and they were more relaxed. Try soothing music: dophins, water, flutes, whatever.

If nothing works go to bed. I know that sounds odd but the baby won’t get hurt screaming in the crib and you have to get some sleep, even if it’s just a little. Make sure she is positioned correctly and that there is nothing in the crib that might cause a problem. Then rest.

Hang in there! It WILL pass. I promise!

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Lactose Intollerant
by: Anonymous

My son was just like that. I swore I would never have any more children...I have three now. Anyway, I found out he was lactose intollerant. I had to switch formulas a couple times, but when I found the right one, I knew it! He was a whole new baby. Sara is so right about the breating and staying relaxed. Babies feel the anxiety, especially from their mommy.

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