Feeling judged by my friends when dating

by Angie
(Chicago, Il)

I am having a hard time discussing my dating triumphs and woes with my mostly married friends. I feel like a lot of them judge me pretty harshly. I have gone on a few dates since my divorce but for the last several months have been seeing one man pretty seriously. He makes me happier then I have been in a long time and most of my friends are happy for me but a few of them judge me and him pretty harshly for things like not involving our kids(I've never met his, he's met mine briefly), for not planning our future together or knowing where we are going(it's been 5 months) etc... It's been really rough to not get support from my friends an I am wondering if other single moms go through this?

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I just wanna vent!!
by: From Sara

Hey Angie!

Yes, other single moms experience this!!

Here's the deal...

Your friends love you and want to protect you. They don't want to see you hurt. Gotta love that!

You'll have to decide which friends you can talk to, and which you can't.

And then, tell them what you want from them. Do you want advice? Do you want to vent? Do you want them to tell you are 100% right no matter how they feel? Tell them the best way to support and help you.

They'll do it!

And if someone doesn't, then you know to put them on the "can't have this conversation" pile.

Good luck!

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