Going to School

I see you went to school as a single mom. I have two young kids, ages 6 and 9. Can you give me any pointers on managing work, school, and kids?

Sara Says:
Congrats on your decision to go to school! You will increase your career options, your earning power, and serve as an incredible role model to your kids! Bravo!

Going to school, working, and single mommying are tough plates to keep spinning! Organization is the key. Before each semester or quarter take a look at your calendar. Are you going to need to put one season of clothing away and get another out? Will you need to put together Halloween costumes and Christmas shop? Is it soccer or basketball season?

Make a plan to complete these tasks. For example: one weekend you will swap the seasonal clothing; set aside two weekends for Christmas shopping; schedule grocery shopping on Tuesdays while the kids are soccer. You get the idea. Simplify your meals by making a menu for a few weeks and and just keep repeating it. This will destress your evenings and make grocery shopping a snap!

Remember to breathe, soak in the tub, and get as much rest as possible. Good luck! You will be fabulous!!

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