how do I juggle working and putting a preschooler in school?

by Jennifer Young
(Milwaukee WI)

I live in Milwaukee and have a job as a school bus driver. I'm trying to decide if I should move on my own or stay with my mother. I have a three year old who starts school next year. But if I lived on my own how would I work my job and send my son to school?

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Juggling work and school
by: Ask Sara

Hi Jenny!

Your question is excellent. Every working momma struggles with this issue. As much we as we all struggle, everyone finds an answer to this challenge.

I say this because I want you to understand the issue is not IF you will find a way, it is simply how you will solve your daycare challenge.

Begin by calling preschools, talk to other parents, get online and search, and you will find a program that meets your needs. There are probably many in your area because every working mom has to solve this problem.

Now, your decision to leave your mother's house is a separate issue. Are you ready to leave, can you afford to leave, is the relationship easy, or challenging?

In essence what I am saying is that you have 2 different issues to evaluate and move on, and to make the best decisions, you should tackle each one separately.

Good luck! I know you got this!


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