How DOES She Do It All?

How does she do it all? I heard this question about a bazillion times at a business building conference I recently attended. The host and grand business expert (and I don't say that sarcastically, she really is), was a single mom. And she was awesome. She gave an information packed powerful multi-day presentation on how to create a money-making business.

To illustrate her success and sell her credibility this business ball-buster talked about her success. In dollars. There were lots of them. It was awe-inspiring. She mentioned (a few times) that everyone asks, "How does she do it all?" How does she run a booming business, raise two kids as a single mom, create products, and teach lots of lots of people how to be super successful? It was our lucky day...because she was going to tell us.

To start off, she had her business team. This team consisted of a "few" virtual assistances, a photographer, a video guy, a copy writer, a business manager, a coach, and a few marketing experts. Ok. That made sense. She's in business.

Then she had...a housekeeper, a professional organizer who came in and put everything away when she moved into her new house, and she had a nanny. Not a babysitter, but a nanny. And thank God (she said) that she had the nanny in place, so she didn't have to think twice when it was time to fly a few continents away for 7 days for business. How else does she do it all?

Project by project, or household need by household need, she hires extra folks to tend to what needs tending. Of course she does.

How does she do it all? It's pretty clear. She doesn't. Know why? Because it's impossible to do it all. So everyday that you collapse into bed at the end of the day, lamenting the fact that you haven't done it all...stop it.

I know. You still feel crappy. I understand. You aren't sure what to give up, what to keep, what's most important, and too many days you are just too tired to care. You'd love to spend more time having fun with your kids, but you just aren't sure how to rearrange everything to make that happen.

Well...I've got you covered. I created a series of 5 free videos designed to get you on your way to actually:

Managing It All...

and gaining more control over your life

In this series you'll learn to identify what you value, you'll learn to live those values, and you'll learn how to say "no" and bust the barriers that are preventing you from feeling like you are directing your own life.