how to handle a dating 16 years od boy

(Kampala Uganda)

Happy New Year's Sara,
Now Sara, I have been a single mother indeed for 16 years now, & my boy has started dating a 15/14 years old gal, on 22/12 he asked me to go see his dad because he had holiday makers around which was a lie, he left on Tuesday & promised to be back after Christmas.

On the 31st he slept out & his dad sent messages which I took long to reply since he is another arrogant guy.

I kept calling other people at home but I was I getting different stories. When I called my son he said mum there no problem. I took action & went to his dad's office, Unfortunately, he explained to to me how my son was in a relationship & actually that's why he was there.

Now on Sunday the gal attacks my boy's father & confirmed how she loved my son but the father never said anything to gal yet, I thought that was the right time to talk to both of the kids.

Now he's telling me how he can't handle the boy who has just entered his life with such manner,
Sara, Am confused please advise on wayforward.

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Son dating a young woman
by: Sara

Hi there!

Happy New Year to you! I am not quite sure what you are asking, so I am going to guess. If I get it wrong, please feel free to email me at

Your son is dating a young woman. Probably too young. If he were in America, dating such a young woman as an adult (age 18) could create a risk for arrest. I'm not sure if there are such concerns in your country.

Your son is taking advantage of the fact that you and his father aren't communicating well. While I appreciate that communicating with your ex is not how you want to spend your time, the two of you need to have a conversation. It is only by working together can you assure your son is safe. Try to get the father to commit to good conversation about your son's activities, and be sure that you commit to the same.

This window of time in your son's life is very important. He is smart enough to get into some serious trouble. Your job in this window is to love him, keep him safe the very best you can, and do your best to continually educate him on the risks of his choices.

You are right on it! I applaud your strength and the fact that you have acted immediately.

Well done mom!

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