How To Stay Busy Indoors This Winter

Cold temperatures and snow often force us to stay cooped up indoors for the winter season. As a single mom, you likely know how hard it is to stay sane and keep your kids entertained. Use this guide to learn how to stay busy indoors this winter so you and the kids can do more than binge-watch Netflix shows.

Try an Indoor Workout Routine

Staying active gets a lot harder when the sunny days start to disappear. As a single mom who doesn’t have the time to visit the gym, at-home workouts are a great alternative. There are plenty of free apps (just check your app store) and YouTube videos available for exercises that require little to no equipment. Encourage the kids to join in to keep them moving as well. Make a competition! See who gets tuckered out first. ;)

Do Some Remodeling

Remodeling projects will undoubtedly fill a lot of your winter downtime. Use Pinterest or YouTube for some new DIY décor ideas or organization projects the whole family can do. Or finally take on that large renovation project you put off all summer, like remodeling the bathroom. While some projects may require professional help, winter is a great time to repaint or renovate your interior while you have plenty of extra time on your hands.

Get Cooking

Every single mom knows the power of a ready-to-go meal. Spend some time on the weekends preparing and freezing meals for easy weeknight dinners. You can even include the kids in this activity to keep them occupied and teach them a new skill. Try new recipes and have the kids pick a few out too. You all can get through the dreary work/school week by  looking forward to some fun and tasty weekend cooking.

Do Some Brain Games

Too much time spent looking at screens is bad for all of us, but sometimes it feels like the only option on cold winter days. Set time aside for screen-less family activities that will get everyone’s minds working. Consider starting a board game night or working on a puzzle for an hour a day. This will provide a little cognitive exercise.   

The winter season can feel excruciatingly long without the outdoor activities and ample sunlight of the summer. To keep you and the kids occupied, try out a few of these suggestions for how to stay busy indoors this winter.