My daughters inappropriate behavior!

I am a single father and I am looking for a woman's opinion or advice. My 17 y/o daughter has recently (within the last month)started appearing around the house either fully naked or topless. By appearing I mean she will walk from the bathroom to the laundry room or her own room topless usually but sometimes completely naked. I have noticed too that her timing results in me having to see her such as walking past me in the hallway or even stopping at my bedroom door to talk for a second or two (she gave me a hug and told me she loved me onetime, awkward!). I am really taken aback by her behavior and have no idea why she has started doing this. I suspect (and I am completely open to the idea that I am wrong here) she feels the need to flaunt her sexuality for some reason. Either way I seriously need some advice/opinions on how to handle this as I am usually to shocked to say anything. Please help.

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Fathers & Daughters
by: Anonymous

Whatever the reason it has to stop NOW. As her Father just tell her that everyone in the house has to respect boundaries and being naked (regardless of how short a period of time) is definitely crossing one. There may be a deeper reason why she is doing what she does or she may just think there is nothing wrong with the behavior. It's up to you to tell her "put some clothes on".

by: Anonymous

You are the parent tell that girl to put some clothes on. Ask her if she's being assaulted at school. Shut it down before you're behind bars

had the same problem
by: jake

Take control of the situation now before it is too late.

When my daughter turned 15 our relationship changed. Small things like flirting and so on. Thinking back now I see the signs. The way she behaved when her mother was home and the way she was when we were alone. I am not going to lie and say I did not like the attention.

I did I am not going into detail but but we crossed the line a few times. When I knew it had to stop the biggest problem was stopping it without hurting each other. We worked through it and are fine now 7 years on. But try and stop it now before it gets complicated.

Where there's smoke
by: Ask Sara

While teens are famous for some pretty off-beat behavior, what your daughter is doing is a pretty serious issue. A typical 17 year old would be mortified to be seen in the buff by her father.

To address your most immediate problem, you need to set the clothing rules for the house. I would do this at a time when everyone is dressed and the energy is relaxed. Be very clear in your expectations, and be prepared with how you intend to respond if she chooses to test you. Having a plan in place up front will prevent you from falling speechless should she appear at your door in the buff. Do not be afraid to be firm and direct.

Now for the hard part. Your daughter's behavior is a sign of a bigger problem. It is not a guarantee of a bigger problem, but certainly a sign that you need to do some investigating. Such a lack of inhibitions, especially with a parent, can be indicative of an inappropriate relationship with someone in your daughter's life. Is there anyone who could be victimizing her? A coach, teacher, neighbor, relative, an older boyfriend? You need to do some checking. Follow your instincts and enlist assistance from your family physician or anyone else you find who may be helpful.

This is an easy one!
by: @snglparents

Say something! Without knowing the surrounding circumstances, (yes there must be more,) one can't fathom the real issue(s). We can certainly get the concern.

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