My Teen

by Anonymous

Sara, my teen girl is smoking weed, I just found what should I do? I am against that.

She is very good at school, only A at school, I want her to have a job she is turning 17 in a week, is about time for her to go and have a job please advise me please.

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Teens and Drugs
by: Anonymous

From...Ask Sara

(Second question first...I do try to give the readers an opportunity to chime in before I answer.)

Drug use among children is quite serious, and must be treated as such. You, as a parent, need to do what is necessary to attempt to stop your children from using drugs. You have lots of options:

1. Counseling
2. Your child's doctor
3. Law enforcement (They typically have at least one officer responsible for this are who can talk to your teens)
4. Drug rehab centers
5. Increased supervision
6. Decreased access
7. Reporting the supplier
8. No free driving time

You likely aren't going to talk them out of it, you will have to take action. That will be unpleasant, they will not be happy, and you will have to be very, very strong. Get the support you need to stay strong and don't second guess yourself. Get the facts, set your course, and do not waiver.

I applaud your desire to correct this. Too often, parents turn a blind eye. This is one of the really tough issues to face and I truly wish you the very best.

Mine too (two!)
by: Anonymous

I have twin girls who will be 17 in sept. and they too have been smoking weed. I am glad that they feel open enough to be honest about it but they also know that I dont approve of it. I have told them that if/when they do apply for jobs they may have to take a drug test to get the job. I hope this is just a phase but in the mean time I have them both going to a doesnt seem to be helping. especially now that summer is here and they have more free time. I feel useless and invisible. I have tried talking to them, threatening them, grounding them...they just ignore me and I dont know what to do. If I caught them I might call the police what else can I do to convince them this is not the path to take? The counseling doesnt seem to be helping. I just dont know what to do either. Im wondering why "SARA" hasnt answered your question about your daughter smoking and thought Id let you know you are not alone and wish you good luck. Thanks for reading...A single mother in Maine

Know! parent tips
by: Anonymous

There is so much helpful information out there. I recommend going to this website for some great links.

Also, you can use left side menu to sign up for FREE parent tips on this issue that come 2x per month and to get a very inexpensive workbook that has a great deal of good parenting info re: alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.


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