Single mom and disrespectful 19 year old son

by Lorie

Suggestions please...He thinks he is the boss

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Who's the Boss?
by: Sara

Hi Lorie!

Nineteen is a tough age...especially for boys. He wants to be a man, thinks he is one, is upset that he isn't fully independent, and tries to exert as much authority as he can.

At that age I flipped things a little bit to give my son both some room for manliness and some grown up responsibilities.

My new expectations were that he be a good roommate, and I set out clear expectations around what being a good roommate meant. When he got a little big for his britches...I pulled out the rules. Because being a good roommate is an adult activity, he felt less of a need to stretch his independence.

Create whatever rules work for you in your house. He's probably not paying 50% of the expenses, so no need to grant the level of freedom and privilege that would be comparable to someone who is. :)

Breathe deeply, and give hugs as often as possible. Tell him how proud you are of the man he has become, and allow him the freedom to exceed your expectations.

My best,

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