Single Mother of two and now pregnant

I was dating a man who used to be my boss for 8 years. He left his wife when we started dating. She came home one day and never left. He stayed living with her while seeing me! I wasn't ok with it so I ended it.

Now I am 12 weeks pregnant. ... I decided not to have an abortion. He wants to be with me now but I can't trust him. How should I tell my 2 girls (8&5) that I am pregnant? How to tell my family? I feel they will be disappointed in me. ; (

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by: Sara

Bless your heart. First let me say congratulations to you. It is a brave decision you have made and I am proud of you.

First...with this man. I'm also proud of you for ending things with him when he allowed his wife to return. How do you feel about him now? Do you want to try with him? If so, determine what your ground rules are, and hold him to them. Let him how you are feeling about the situation and that you will be watching closely.

Tell the girls first, and give them time to adjust before going to your family. Your intention was clearly to be with this man, and he made some very poor decisions that interrupted that plan. This is not your fault.

Your priority is your children. You can't control the reactions of others, so there is really no reason to devote energy to their reactions. It is far more likely they will be worried about you, than disappointed in you.

You are clearly a smart and strong lady. I'm sure finding out you are pregnant has been an incredible shock to your system, but I have complete faith that you will manage the situation very well.

Hugs and Love!

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