by Veronica

My son is 2.5 years old. He used to sleep in his gripp before, alone. We bought him his bed, and he doesn't want to sleep there, but rather with mom. How can I reasure him that this is his bed, his room, and he must stay here and fall asleep alone, without me being there? Nothing is helping. I try to sit on the chair in the room but he comes to me. I open the door and he can see me in the kitchen and he comes to me.

Sara, can you help with advice?

Dear Veronica,

Good bless you! Convincing your child to stay in his bed can certainly drive a parent to want to drink! The process is straightforward, but it will cost you some sleep and test your fortitude as a parent.

It sounds like you are on the right path. You have introduced your child to his bed, and you have worked to reassure and comfort him. Make sure your son has his favorite stuffed animal, and consider playing relaxing music. This can be lullabies, ocean sounds, anything your child enjoys that is relaxing.

Establish a bedtime routine and stick to it. Have quiet time, do the bath, read some stories. When it is time for bed, tuck your little bundle of joy in for the night, tell him that you expect him to stay in his bed, and that you will see him in the morning.

Now, the marathon begins. When the love of your life gets out of bed...and he march him back into bed. When he gets out of bed again...march him back to bed. When he screams, cries, says he's dying, that he loves you, that he doesn't love you, that he is calling Grandma, and any other delightful expression of his immense frustration and anger, you must ignore it and stick with the plan.

You may need to follow this process over several nights, but I promise; if you stick with it, you will have success.

I wish you the very best!

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