Teens and Cell Phones

by Berlin

These days it seems more convenient for teens to have cell phones and it costs about the same as having a house phone. When a teen needs a ride, wants to go somewhere, needs something or you just want to check on them, its very convenient. Almost all the teens in my town have cell phones.

I bought my daughter a cell phone for her 12th birthday and now she is on it all the time, except when her teacher tells her she can't be on it.

Her and her friends use video chat apps and talk all hours of the night which causes them to get less sleep. She says she's not on it, but then puts in headphones and turns her fan on to pretend she is asleep.

I just don't think its healthy to have so much screen time, but considering her dad originally bought her a cell phone and took it away because I refused to accept it as a replacement for child support, I feel guilty if I take it away.

I strongly believe she would see it as betrayal, especially since most of the things her dad gives her he eventually takes away for no valid reason. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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Cell Phones and Kids
by: Sara

Hey Berlin!

I would take the phone away. Never feel guilty for being a good parent. She can have the phone when she needs it, and only when she needs it, unless she loses that privilege and she doesn't get it all all. She'll live.

You would not let her spend all of her time on the phone if the phone were on your wall in the kitchen. You wouldn't let her friends come over every day, all day, and let her stay up all night hanging out with her friends. Same deal. Trust yourself, and be the mom. :)

You got this!

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