Television Watching

by Stephanie

How do I decrease the amount of TV my kids are watching?

Sara says...

This is a huge issue! We all know the hazards of too much of TV, or screen time. Those risks include increased obesity, too much exposure to sex and violence, an inability to entertain oneself, and over name a few.

I find the easiest thing to do is not to turn on the TV in the first place. It is so much easier to keep the TV off than turn it off. Tell your kids up front when you allow them to watch TV, or pick out the shows they will watch together, in advance. Don't forget to include computer and video time in your planning.

Your kids will whine and complain less if they are busy. Use your "down time" to encourage them to explore their interests, do chores, play with toys, read books, play games, talk to each other or to you, and of course, go outside.

Start slowly. Decrease TV one half hour at a time. You will all need time to adjust. In just a few short days you will all feel calmer and more connected. I promise you will be very surprised.

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