unhealthy relationship

by maria cardenas

My son (17) left home 4 days ago. His mom's girlfriend pick him up and he is living with her family. I am very worried..what can I do? I wouldn't like to ask the police to bring him because he will go again! His girlfriend is always sending him pornographic photos. I'm sure that my son is addicted to her sex.

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Son thinking with the wrong parts...
by: Ask Sara...

Wow! You indeed have a tricky situation! On the upside, you know where your son is, and you know he is safe.

You certainly have some options here...but choosing the right one will certainly be tricky. Have you been able to speak with your son? How did it go? Has he explained why he left? Is he still attending school? How close to 18 is he?

I don't have enough information about the situation to provide good direction, but I can suggest some options so you have enough information to make some good decisions.

Most police departments have an officer who serves as a Community Liaison. This officer is someone you can talk to about your situation. They will explain pertinent laws to you, and you can walk through various "what ifs" with this officer to play out some scenarios.

Additionally, judges are a great resource. You could call a juvenile judge in your area and discuss various options and approaches as well.

Both of these professionals have seen this issue before, I am sure. They can provide you with the accurate information you need to make the very best decisions for your son.

God bless and good luck to you!

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