Ways To Build Self-Confidence in Children

A mom always wants what is best for her children. With that in mind, we focus on different elements that directly contribute to our children’s wellbeing. One of those elements that parents should focus on is self-confidence—a trait that many children struggle with. If you are a mom who has noticed that your children could use a boost of self-confidence, continue reading. Below are a few ways to build self-confidence in children. Do your part to help them feel the best they possibly can!

Praise When Necessary

Praising a child is necessary—especially when you’re trying to build their self-confidence. You want to show them that you are proud of them and that they did a good job. However, there are some things to keep in mind when giving praise. You don’t want to overpraise—it could have the opposite effect from what you want, making it so commonplace that it doesn’t mean anything. You also don’t want to focus only on praising good results; instead, focus on praising effort because it will nourish your child’s ability to bounce back from negative outcomes.

Constructive Criticism Only

Criticism, if given correctly, can be incredibly beneficial to a child. It allows them to identify areas they need to work on and grow. Yet, if you do this poorly, it could do more damage than good. Make sure that you are always using constructive, positive, and helpful criticism. Between this and using positive reinforcement, you promote self-confidence and self-growth.

Be a Good Role Model

If you don’t have a healthy self-confidence, what makes you think your child is going to have it. They watch you! How you view yourself, how you feel about yourself, and the way you talk about is going to affect them. Even if you don’t talk about your insecurities, a consistently negative attitude will betray your lack of confidence. Focus on your self-confidence to ensure that you are a positive role model in your children’s life.

These three points are just a few ways to build self-confidence in children. If you take the time to focus on these three areas, it will truly make all the difference!