Ways To Prevent Accidents in the Kitchen

ways to prevent accidents in the kitchen

When you’re making delicious meals for yourself and your kids, you’ll need to use many tools, utensils, pots, and pans. Things can quickly become hectic as you carry out the many steps involved with preparing food, and without strong organization, you or your children may get hurt from an unintentional mishap. Take note of these ways to prevent accidents in the kitchen so that everyone in your family can stay safe.

Tidy Your Counters and Floor

Messy counters and floors are big contributors to accidents in the kitchen. Make an effort to keep these surfaces nice and tidy to reduce the dangers they could potentially pose. Clear away pots, pans, and dishes that pile up during the course of your cooking, as these can easily topple over and hit someone or shatter into sharp pieces. Whenever a spill of any kind happens, address it immediately. Spills can lead to slips and serious injuries if you leave them alone.

Keep Hazards Away from Kids

As a mom, you’re probably already well aware of the problems that can occur when children touch something they shouldn’t out of curiosity. If you have younger kids, makes sure to keep potential hazards out of their reach. This could include the handles of pots full of hot food; sharp tools such as scissors and knives; and fragile glass containers. As you cook, only take out the items you need while keeping the rest securely tucked away in a high or locked cabinet. You should also turn pot handles away from the edges of the counters and stove so the kids don't accidently grab them or pull a hot pot down on themselves trying to see what's for dinner.

Care for Your Tools

Any instrument you use can become a danger if you don’t care for it properly, so a way to prevent accidents in the kitchen is to maintain the condition of your tools. A pan might fall apart while you’re gripping it by the handle if the screws are loose, and a pot with an uneven bottom can become more prone to tipping over while you’re heating it up. Handle your wares gently and store them carefully so that they last for a very long time. Kitchen knives are not only expensive to replace, but a dull blade is so frustrating! It’s smart to learn about the common knife care mistakes people make and how to keep your knife sharp and free of rust. Blunt knives have a tendency to slip, and you don’t want rust to transfer to food.