What Should I Do?

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Hi , I Am 19 & have a 1 year Old Son and I'm Pregnant. I've known The father Of my kids for over 7 Years. We just split up maybe like 3 months ago. Even though we till have sex , & act like we're together it seems like he & his family have basically already moved on. It was heartbreaking when I found out he has a new girlfriend. I told him I Was pregnant again but of course he doesn't want me to keep the baby, but I don't think I could abort my baby. I mean he's an okay father to our 1 year old. I don't know how he'll act with another one, & I especially don't want his new girl around my kids if they end up staying together. Together.

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Pregnant Again
by: Sara

Congratulations on the the new baby! You may not have had a chance to feel new mom joy, so I want to start there. :)

You don't have to give up your child. There is simply no reason to do so.

If the new gal is worth her salt, she's going to bail when she learns you are pregnant. You probably won't have to worry about her, but there will likely be others in his future, and consequently yours.

I am so very sorry about the heartbreak. That was a pretty crappy thing for him to do.

It's time for you to go into Mama Bear mode. You have 2 kids to protect and provide for, and you need your wits about you in order to do so.

Start with your health. Get to the doctor, make sure everything is fine, and keep taking care of yourself so that you can have a very healthy baby.

Next, take care of the legal stuff. You may not want to do this part, but you are a fierce mama bear and you are going to make sure your kids needs are met. Get to the child support office and get business taken care of. Your kids need and deserve this. I promise you, you will not be sorry.

If you are concerned about who is around your child(ren), talk to an attorney.

I am so glad that this man is a good father to the child you currently share. This is such a blessing.

It is likely that this man is in a bit of a panic about a second child coming, especially given the timing. He will most likely calm down about things as time passes.

Finally...kick that man out of your bed, and do not let him back in without a ring. I am serious.

You are an incredible woman, and he can come back when he is smart enough to act accordingly. You are not a booty call when he has nowhere else to go, or just wants to return to what is familiar.

You got this!

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