Ready to head back to college?? Well fan-freaking-tastic!

Here's a Christmas gift just for YOU!

This decision is HUGE, and I want to reward you for even considering such a life changing action!

I speak from experience. I earned 2 DEGREES as a working single mom. It's not easy. I'd love to tell you otherwise, but I just can't. School and momming is a ton of hard work. Some of the hardest work I have ever done. 

It's all some of the MOST life-changing work I have ever done. 

I got pregnant while I was IN COLLEGE. People kept asking me if I was going to drop out and "just work". I thought that was the dumbest question ever. EVER. I was making minumum wage...$3.25/hour. And if I dropped out, minumum would likely be my income level...forever. That wasn't a livable wage as a single person with no kids, let alone a single person with a baby to raise. 

Nope. I had to figure out how to successfully manage momming, work...and school.

I'll admit, life was rocky at first. I learn as I went. There were no roadmaps.

But by the time I headed off to grad school...this time with 3 busy kids and a demanding management position...I can confidently say...I nailed it!

I even graduated suma cum laude! 

I am incredibly grateful. Grateful for the systems that worked. Grateful for the career, opportunities, and life that I have been able to give to my children, and to myself. That life simply would not have been possible without my degrees. I built a new house, we vacationed, the kids enjoyed all the extra-curriculars, we had nice holidays...the kids had a good childhood and their needs were met. 

And now all my knowledge is available to you!

Here's how this works:

Order the book, The Single Mom's Guide to Getting a Degree: How to Hit the Books, Raise the Kids, and Keep Your Sanity on Amazon. 

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And if you're in school but will find the instruction you need to turn that struggle around and move forward feeling confident and in control. 

Now let's get you that free workbook!

You will learn:

  • How to discover the degree path that fills you with passion (we call it your Delicious Desires Summary™). It’s so much easier to stick with your studies when you LOVE them, right!?
  • How to find and maximize all available tuition funding sources to make coughing up that cash much more manageable.
  • The myths … and realities of getting a degree while working full-time and single momming. (It can indeed be done!)
  • Which college program best meets your needs. (It’s out there … I promise!)
  • Tricks for staying motivated and on your game. (Getting a degree is a marathon, not a sprint.)
  • With a little planning, you can manage all the moving parts of school, work, and kids. (And you’ll read the stories of other moms who are making it work.) 
  • To create space in your life for school by streamlining. (It’s easy to do with your Single Mom Master Schedule™.)

and so much more!

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What people are saying...

Sara Sherman:  cheerleader, coach, friend, advisor, guide. If you’re a single mom considering pursuing a degree, you need to read this book.  Increasing your income by advancing your education provides a good role model for your children as well as steering you on a path to a more secure retirement.  The Single Mom’s Guide to Getting a Degree is a roadmap with concrete directions in an easy-to-follow format.

 Jan Cullinane, author, The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement (AARP/Wiley)

Ever since Sara first announced she was writing a book, I’ve been waiting to read it.  Drawing from her own challenges and triumphs, Sara has gifted us with a masterful blend of practical advice, warmth, case studies, inspiration, statistics, resources, action steps, and insight. The breadth of topics in this pleasurable read includes how to: complete the FAFSA; discover one’s passion (and college major); and decide what type of financial assistance to pursue.  The Single Mom’s Guide to Getting A Degree raises the bar for all of us who aim to empower others to reach their full potential. 

Nancy Paul, founder of Three Wishes College Strategies, author of The Little Book about Scholarships, scholarship judge, consultant, and creator of The Pay Less for College Boot Camp

Sara Sherman’s book should be required reading for any single parent with questions or self-doubts about pursuing a college degree.  This is a practical, factual, resourceful, step-by-step presentation of how to pursue your dream and balance the demands of family with those of college coursework.  The reader will feel empowered by the knowledge found herein and motivated to get started immediately.  Great job, Sara!

Mary Ann Naso, Vice President for Enrollment, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA