Create Your Kickass Single Mom Life

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You are a successful, professional single mom who juggles career, kids, budgets, homework activities, meals, mornings, evenings, and more! And, you are super busy! You run non-stop, burning the candle at both ends.

At work you are fabulous. You are smart. You make savvy decisions. You solve problems in creative and effective ways. You demand (and receive) the respect of your boss, staff and co-workers.

But at home you struggle to be in control. You don’t feel smart, savvy or creative. Your brilliant problem-solving skills dissolve into nothingness. And, what’s worse, you feel squeezed between the demands of your boss, the needs of your staff, your immense workload, and your kids.

You crave career-level success at home for you and your children, but you don't quite know how to get it. You long to live a life that is based on your priorities for yourself and your children.

Such a kickass single mom life is absolutely possible, and I will show you how to make it happen.

How to Provide Constructive Feedback

No one can work without feedback & your kids are no different. Discover what constructive feedback really means, the secret formula for giving constructive feedback & the one word you should NEVER say to your kids. (It's not what you think!)

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Sara knows kick ass single moms are women on the go! Grab a listen anywhere, anytime, to learn to identify your priorities execute your plans, and create the kick ass powerful life you want for yourself and your kids..

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KickAss Single Momming Podcast: Don't let the pace of your single mom life get out of control or create chaos for your family. Learn how to nail down the right speed for your family's health, happiness, and desired outcomes.

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How to Be Both Mom AND Dad

It is one of the top questions I am asked: "Sara, how can I be both mom and dad?" In this episode of Kickass Single Momming, I provide the answer.

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Innovative Ways Kick Ass Moms Parent With Music

Kids love music! Kick ass single moms are always on the hunt for innovative ways to parent well and raise happy kids who are well-prepared for adult life. The simple act of adding music to a child’s life increases brain neurons, confidence, focus, socialization, and more!

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Practice makes perfect! Or at least better. We all recognize that, but as a busy single mom who wants to parent well, what exactly are you practicing? The 7 Ps of positive parenting of course! In this podcast you will learn how to bring the Ps together for ultimate success.

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Patterns are the underrated hero of the busy single mom seeking to create a family life that runs smoothly, and does not require that she be in her kids faces every second to make life run. Patterns are your secret weapon, & in this podcast I will teach you why they work.

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Possible Reward

We all want to reward our kids for a job well done, but we don't want to create little monsters and we don't want to short change our kids' self-esteem by not rewarding enough. What's a busy single mom to do? Listen to my podcast to find the reward sweet spot!

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It is incredibly important to praise your child. However, you must praise correctly for maximum effect. Learn the exact formula for getting praise right each time while still addressing where your child needs to improve, without crushing their spirit.

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Predictable Parent

Do you demand that your boss be predictable, but fail to provide the same courtesy to your kids? If so, you may be causing undo stress, worry, and frustration for your little lovelies. Become more predictable & give your kids some peace! Listen to my podcast & learn how.

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